The Bellefontaine High School Amateur Radio Club (BHS-ARC) was formed in 2021 to promote an understanding and appreciation of amateur radio communications and the underlying technologies. There are three primary activities the club will conduct. First, the club will provide resources to those who wish to become licensed. The club will give regular presentations to its members on engaging topics relevant to amateur radio. Most importantly, club members will engage in regular radio operation, either with their own call signs or through the club call sign, W8BCS. No prior knowledge or license is required to participate in club activities. Amateur radio has something for everyone, so stop by at one of our meetings or reach out. All are welcome.

Club Constitution     Club License


2020-2021 Officers

President – Gavin Wilson, KE8FHX

Vice-President – Neil Kauffman, N8NDK

Secretary – Simon Kauffman, KS4SK

Treasurer – Annabelle Myer

Advisor – Mr. Nathan Arbogast

Trustee – Simon Kauffman, KS4SK


Contact Info

Bellefontaine High School ARC

555 E Lake Ave

Bellefontaine, OH 43311


About Ham Radio

Amateur radio, also known as ham radio, is a hobby and passion composed of numerous diverse activities. It is a group that is deeply involved in communication, the radio art, and electronics. The hobby is done strictly for enjoyment and is distinct from commercial services such as broadcast radio and business radio.

There are several interesting elements of communication and radio theory that you can learn through ham radio. The underlying technology is similar for all applications using radio waves. It can be used to explain why you can hear your local radio station from miles away, but your Wi-Fi barely reaches outside. In ham radio, you can contact operators across town or around the world. Sometimes, you can even contact satellites! You can learn how to talk on the air, which is useful if you want to develop your interpersonal skills.

Some hams have built their own equipment, including radios and antennas! While the underlying electronics theory is quite complex, it can be enjoyable to make a device with basic components, and in the process, you are likely to gain a new appreciation for the electronic devices you use every day. Increasingly, discrete circuit components are being replaced with microprocessors, so there is an excellent opportunity to apply coding and computing skills to ham radio.

Ham radio can be many things to many people, but at its core it is about communicating with others and developing systems that allow that communication. No matter what you are interested in, there are many others with decades of experience who will be glad to help you along the way. It may seem complicated at first, but no prior knowledge is necessary, and you will get to learn in an engaging, hands-on way.