Who can be a member of the club?

Anybody who is currently affiliated with Bellefontaine City Schools may be a member, including students, teachers, and faculty.


What will this cost me?

The BHS-ARC charges no dues. If you choose to get a license, you may be charged a one-time exam fee, not to exceed $15. Some exams have no fees. If you wish to get your own radio, handheld VHF radios can be obtained for about $20, but this is optional.


Do I need to learn Morse Code?

While there was previously a Morse Code requirement, that requirement has been dropped for all license classes, and you only need to complete a written exam. There is still plenty of Morse Code activity, however, and you may decide that you want to learn it, but that is solely for your own enjoyment.


What is the minimum license age?

There is no minimum age, provided you can pass the written exam. If you are under 13, you may have to file a COPPA waiver.