Here are some of the space and radio-related activities done in Bellefontaine City Schools as part of our ARISS contact.

Bellefontaine Elementary School

BES Lessons    BES Lessons

BES Lessons    BES Lessons

BES Lessons


Bellefontaine Intermediate School

BIS Lessons   BIS Lessons   BIS Lessons   

BIS Lessons   BIS Lessons   BIS Lessons

  • made models of our solar system
  • daily current events (news) on the ISS and other space news
  • planet report and shared interesting facts on each planet
  • comparing/contrasting the planets in our solar system to each other and other galaxies
  • using mathematical equations as a measurement to analyze AU in space
  • Research on planet using various online resources and space books
  • NASA news live - discuss/analyze/ apply knowledge
  • created Earth books with various Earth facts
  • studios, including online space phenomenon
  • group observations/investigations on the ISS


Bellefontaine Middle School

BMS Art   BMS Art   BMS Art   

BMS Art   BMS Art

BMS Lessons   BMS Lessons


Bellefontaine High School